About Me

Hola from Cancun! I’m Glen, a 21 year old Mexican girl. Currently trying to find the balance between my international business student life and travelling the world.

I find travelling to new places as the best way to connect with people and different cultures. I love tasting traditional dishes, learning new languages and meeting likeminded people. Out there you can find so many people with the same desire of travelling the world and finding stunning and unseen places.

Why get help from a local? It’s so simple, the local people are the ones who know their land better that anyone else. All of the wonderful stories and the secrets spots away from the tourist trail, where the true magic happens. Let them surprise you and make every travel journey a unique experience. A memory.

On this website you will find guides and tips for my beloved home Cancun, and the surrounding area. Also my recommendations and experiences in new territory, for instance Colombia. Feel free to get in touch with me and tell me your experiences. This is for you.

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